eltham player profile

Name:Matt Rosenthal
Batting:Hard-hitting all-rounder

Added to the Eltham player profile database just two weeks before disappearing to Vietnam for two years, Matt "Jim/Ronnie/Jack" Rosenthal is a very handy player for any team to have in their ranks.

Able to bowl at a brisk pace and hit the ball to all parts of a ground at a great rate of knots. Has also introduced a number of players to the club (Jack "The Youngun" Bates and George "possibly even Younger" James).

As a PE teacher he is also good at finding solutions to odd things like having 12 players arrive at a game when only 11 are needed, in this case devising a ridiculously complicated "short straw" play-off which lasted almost as long as the match itself. The fact that it ended with Matt himself having to play for the opposition tells you all you need to know!

Matt's Eltham all-time stats:

Inns NO Runs HS Ave Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Ave Catches Stumpings

Note: These stats cover the period 2010-2015.