Eltham Cricket Club Averages

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Batting 2014

Swain, P18334569*23.00
Fisher, P131341109*28.42
Wouldham, C13320753*20.70
Bulpitt, M1411654712.69
Clarke, W5110146*25.25
Bill, G124861410.75
Mir, A20796139.50
Roberts, A52744124.67
Hanington, T40623015.50
Rosenthal, M7057248.14
Young, A12043123.58
Bashir, A52412513.67
Redman, A623617*9.00
Bisley, W20321816.00
Webber, R9428115.60
Pearmine, N20261713.00
James, G20242212.00
Mitchell, C312416*12.00
Seeds, D312117*10.50
Dryden, P10171717.00
Hicks, H21151015.00
Boylan, B521474.67
Tanveer, A721062.00
Venkatraman, P211010*10.00
Frey, B50961.80
Townsend, O10444.00
Sinden, T20211.00
Davis, S10111.00
Swain, E3100*0.00
Lloyd, J10000.00
Boylan, G10000.00

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Bowling 2014

Bisley, W2.00280
Swain, E6.10360
Clarke, W1.20120
Boylan, G3.00190
Venkatraman, P16.081853.60
Wouldham, C65.122146188.11
Mitchell, C13.043949.75
Davis, S2.0010110.00
Tanveer, A118.3412312310.04
James, G12.3241410.25
Hanington, T3.0013113.00
Jones, D4.0114114.00
Boylan, B37.0991615.17
Swain, P81.0162811815.61
Bulpitt, M50.082361515.73
Lloyd, J4.0116116.00
Rosenthal, M52.3101781116.18
Bill, G52.552171218.08
Webber, R109.3133691919.42
Seeds, D11.4162320.67
Roberts, A7.0024124.00
Bashir, A16.00111255.50

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Fielding 2014

Wouldham, C17017
Swain, P909
Redman, A268
Bulpitt, M606
Rosenthal, M505
Pearmine, N224
Young, A404
Fisher, P303
James, G303
Hicks, H202
Bill, G202
Tanveer, A202
Swain, E202
Frey, B202
Hanington, T202
Mitchell, C202
Bisley, W101
Webber, R101
Townsend, O101
Davis, S101
Sinden, T101
Lloyd, J101