Vs Nuxley CC

Sun, 30th April, 2017

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pb. May, B67
Mir, Act.b. Stone, K78
Venkatraman, Pb. Faisal1
Young, Ab. Faisal0
Wouldham, Cnot out27
Bill, Gb. May, L6
Pilling, Jnot out0
Rashid, S 
Redman, A 
Webber, C 
Webber, R 
Total  194

Saunders, S8.003404.2
May, B8.012413.048
May, L8.014415.548
Stone, K8.003614.548
Thomas, L5.011903.8

Nuxley CC Innings

Hahn, Jct. Redman, A b. Venkatraman, P0
May, L b. Wouldham, C43
Morley, A b. Wouldham, C9
Saunders, S b. Pilling, J10
Thomas, L b. Rashid, S0
Stevenson, Cct. Fisher, P b. Bill, G29
Faisalct. Pilling, J b. Venkatraman, P12
Dexterlbw b. Wouldham, C4
Stone, J b. Wouldham, C0
Stone, K b. Venkatraman, P0
May, Bnot out1
Total  140

Venkatraman, P7.34931.215
Webber, R8.002202.8
Wouldham, C8.011742.112
Pilling, J8.003514.448
Rashid, S6.003015.036
Bill, G2.001015.012

Match Report

A good win to start the season. Batting first (in a game where both skippers tried to "out-weak" each other at the toss) the gathered Eltham grizzled veterans wondered what a competitive score might be. "Double figures?" offered one wag. Though this was felt to be on the pessimistic side, nevertheless it had to be admitted that this was not the strongest batting lineup Eltham had ever put out.

Well, in cricket funny things can happen. On days when you think you're strong, you can collapse, and on days when you think you're weak, the main batsmen can fire and take you to scores you only dreamed of. Thus it was that today, with both Pete and Asjad registering fifties in a fantastic partnership of 148 for the first wicket, Eltham were able to post what turned out to be a more than competitive score of 194 for 5. The only blots on the scorebook were Mr Young's first (and let's make that only!) duck of the season.

Pete Swain will be pleased to read that no sixes were scored while he was on rugby tour!

The bowling lineup, like the batting, looked light. Usual suspects Ricky, Pad and Colin all bowled well (Pad with 3 for 9 and Colin with 4 for 17) but the real wins today were in the number of overs bowled by newcomer John Pilling and Shaukat. Had their overs gone badly, this game could have gone down to the wire, but there was a lot of promise in their bowling, enough to make your correspondent hope to see them much more this season.

In the end Nuxley were bowled out with three balls to go for a comfortable, but very enjoyable win for Eltham. Nuxley will want to turn things around when they meet us in a few weeks time. Will Eltham be ready? Who can tell!

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