Vs Ide Hill CC

Sat, 13th May, 2017

Ide Hill CC Innings

Brown, Cct. Redman, A b. Wouldham, C46
McBride, J b. Webber, R45
Irvine, Dnot out35
Culleyct. Swain, P b. Venkatraman, P55
Wrigleynot out2
McCulley, M   
Coop, S   
Clark, D   
Pulley, J   
Total  206

Venkatraman, P12.015014.272
Boylan, B9.013203.6
Wouldham, C10.071111.160
Madhi, P4.003208.0
Webber, R6.003415.736
Swain, P5.003406.8

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pct.b. Culley2
Mir, Ab. Wrigley10
Hanington, Tc & b. Wrigley8
Swain, Pct.b. Wrigley77
Madhi, Prun out0
Venkatraman, Pb. Irvine, D72
Wouldham, Cct.b. Culley15
Young, Albwb. Irvine, D7
Redman, Anot out5
Webber, Rnot out0
Boylan, B 
Total  209

Coop, S4.003619.024
Irvine, D6.001722.818

Match Report

A great away win at picturesque Ide Hill, thanks to a good tight bowling display and then fantastic batting from Pete Swain and Pad

The ground details are:

Emmetts Park
Sundridge Road
Ide Hil
TN14 6JU

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