Vs Nuxley CC

Sun, 21st May, 2017

Nuxley CC Innings

Hahn, Jct. Hanington, T b. Wouldham, C10
May, Lct. Redman, A b. Mitchell, C0
Faisallbw b. Mitchell, C0
Hirstct. Redman, A b. Mitchell, C32
Stevenson b. Webber, R0
Gill b. Tanveer, A50
Morley b. Wouldham, C0
Russellct. Fisher, P b. Bisley, W16
Casey b. Bisley, W0
May, Bnot out5
Total  129

Mitchell, C6.012333.812
Webber, R6.023015.036
Wouldham, C8.031421.824
Hanington, T7.021902.7
Bisley, W5.012525.015
Tanveer, A4.221112.526

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pb. Stevenson43
Mir, Arun out11
Bisley, Wlbwb. May, L4
Swain, Pnot out34
Young, Ab. Stevenson0
Hanington, Tnot out27
Mitchell, C 
Wouldham, C 
Redman, A 
Webber, R 
Tanveer, A 
Total  130

May, B8.011501.9
May, L7.004416.342

Match Report

The return match against our friends at Nuxley - can we do the double or will Nuxley get their own back?

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