Vs Roffey CC

Sat, 27th May, 2017

Roffey CC Innings

Howell, M b. Madhi, P25
Zewen, Mct. Fisher, P b. Webber, R8
Gibbs, B b. Madhi, P17
Gibbs, P b. Wouldham, C3
Chattrill, A b. Wouldham, C0
Butt, H b. Frey, B22
Osborn, Tct. Fisher, P b. Rashid, S5
Moss, B b. Frey, B1
Moss, Jnot out3
Gibbs, B - The Secondct. Madhi, P b. Rashid, S6
Bill, G b. Frey, B0
Total  111

Webber, R6.001813.036
Pilling, J5.002605.2
Madhi, P7.002223.121
Wouldham, C6.02721.218
Frey, B2.302038.65
Rashid, S3.001123.79

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pret hurt51
Mir, Anot out41
Swain, Ect.b. Howell, M4
Swain, Pnot out6
Frey, B 
Madhi, P 
Rashid, S 
Pilling, J 
Wouldham, C 
Redman, A 
Webber, R 
Total  112

Gibbs, B4.011303.2
Osborn, T5.02901.8
Butt, H4.002205.5
Gibbs, P3.002207.3
Moss, B3.002006.7
Zewen, M2.00804.0
Howell, M1.00414.06
Bill, G1.0012012.0

Match Report

Change of opposition after our ecclesiastical friends pulled out having failed to pull in another players to fulfill the fixture. We have nevertheless been able to obtain a replacement fixture and will play Roffey Cricket Club 4th XI, which they have promised is the weak side of medium weak with a mix of 15-17 year old colts and ageing cricketers!

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