Vs Streatham & Marlborough CC

Sat, 10th June, 2017

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Plbwb. Khan, B14
Mir, Anot out103
Gupta, Plbwb. Brown, D9
Venkatraman, Pb. Khan, Omar53
Swain, Pnot out27
Hanington, T 
Wouldham, C 
Rashid, S 
Redman, A 
Osgood, D 
Total  223

Khan, B4.011213.024
Brown, D4.001914.824
Khan, Ollie7.005307.6
Banks, C1.0017017.0
Khan, Omar3.002317.718

Streatham & Marlborough CC Innings

Khan, Omarct. Fisher, P b. Swain, P44
Khan, Bc & b. Osgood, D13
Banks, Cct. Hanington, T b. Osgood, D0
Khan, Ollierun out2
Luan b. Osgood, D8
Keith, S b. Swain, P1
Brown, D b. Osgood, D8
Shak b. Swain, P2
Shahnot out2
Venkat b. Osgood, D0
Mattennot out0
Total  100

Rashid, S7.011902.7
Hanington, T7.012703.9
Gupta, P4.101403.5
Wouldham, C3.00501.7
Osgood, D7.002253.18
Swain, P5.51731.212

Match Report

Always a tough game, this one...

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