Vs Old Citizens CC

Sat, 17th June, 2017

Old Citizens CC Innings

Bardsley, R b. Boylan, B10
Hopkins, C b. Mitchell, C0
Nalwick, J b. Wouldham, C49
Syed, S b. Mitchell, C62
Greenwood, Dct. Redman, A b. Boylan, B0
Millet, Rnot out32
Hillman, Rrun out0
Kamlich, Nnot out1
Total  181

Tanveer, A7.014606.6
Mitchell, C7.022223.121
Boylan, B7.004626.621
Osgood, D3.001605.3
Madhi, P2.001809.0
Swain, P2.00804.0
Wouldham, C7.031011.442

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pct.b. Bardsley, R48
Mir, Ab. Syed, S4
Swain, Pb. Syed, S12
Madhi, Pb. Shannon26
Wouldham, Clbwb. Shannon0
Bill, Gct.b. Nalwick, J21
Mitchell, Cb. Syed, S40
Boylan, Blbwb. Hopkins, C1
Redman, Act.b. Hopkins, C1
Tanveer, Ab. Syed, S5
Osgood, Dnot out0
Total  178

Hopkins, C6.103024.918
Syed, S6.002043.39
Millet, R5.002605.2
Bardsley, R5.004218.430
Nalwick, J4.002115.224

Match Report

A very close game which we just managed to come out on the wrong side of. A couple of incidents aside, a good game against a decent bunch.

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