Vs Cincinnati CC

Sun, 25th June, 2017

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Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pb. Basharat76
Appleyard, Slbwb. S Ihsan3
Swain, Pct.b. Faisal 5
Hanington, Tct. Haroon b. Basharat46
Venkatraman, Pb. Faisal 22
Boylan, Cb. Faisal 10
Wouldham, Cnot out5
Frey, Bb. Faisal 0
Young, Anot out1
Bill, G 
Webber, R 
Total  183

Faisal 7.003444.910
S Ihsan4.002015.024
Haroon 7.002203.1
B Caplin3.001906.3

Cincinnati CC Innings

B Jacksonct. Hanington, T b. Webber, R1
S Ihsan b. Webber, R10
M Abidct. Bill, G b. Appleyard, S16
M Ali b. Webber, R4
Asimlbw b. Webber, R9
Riazlbw b. Wouldham, C5
Kashifct. Appleyard, S b. Frey, B14
Faisal lbw b. Wouldham, C34
Haroon st. Bill, G b. Wouldham, C2
Basharatnot out0
B Caplinct. Bill, G b. Wouldham, C0
Total  104

Venkatraman, P4.02501.2
Webber, R7.012343.310
Appleyard, S4.001614.024
Wouldham, C6.021642.79
Frey, B3.002819.318
Boylan, C2.00904.5

Match Report

A good win at our old home ground, Greenwich Park. Plenty of things to keep the Eltham players entertained during this match, not least the birth of a new career for Ricky as a TMS-style commentator on WhatsApp for all those Eltham players not actually at the match. A future career beckons Ricklar!

Eltham posted what looked a competitive total - 183 in 35 overs - largely thanks to 76 from Pete Fisher and Toby's 46, the defining partnership of the innings. Scott Appleyard was unlucky to be somewhat undone by the pitch - a lot of deliveries kept very low in the first 15 overs of the match, though this seemed to improve as the match went on. Andrew managed to keep out a hat-trick ball in the final over following a golden duck for Brad who selflessly had a swing when he could easily have defended. All in all, a good performance with the bat from Eltham.

Tea should be mentioned as the oppo had a number of players celebrating Eid who brought along some marvellous food which was very much appreciated by the Eltham ranks - thank you fellas.

Ricky opened the bowling with Pad and made early inroads into the Cincinnati openers. In fact, Ricky cleaned up the first four wickets and - if he had not shelled a very hard chance for a caught and bowled on his final delivery - could have had a Michelle. A really good spell including one perfect delivery hitting the top of off. Colin also got four wickets, switching from medium pace to leg spin when he noticed his slower ball turned more than he thought it would! It would be churlish not to mention Scotty in the field too - one excellent catch and and fantastic effort which he could not quite cling on to, both in the deep - it really makes a difference to our fielding when we have some under 40s in the team!!

With a stumping (our first of the season, Gary wanted me to mention that...) and a catch in the final over, stand-in stumper Bill had a good day too. Colin felt he should also mention the fact that Gary also missed another stumping in the same over (in the interests of fairness and Andys blood pressure).

On to Natwest next week...well played all.

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