Vs Hunton Wanderers CC

Sat, 23rd September, 2017

Hunton Wanderers CC Innings

Line b. Boylan, G5
Robertsct. Mir, A b. Swain, P26
May b. Swain, P1
Applebyct. Wouldham, C b. Swain, P5
Taylor, Dnot out119
Leadbetter b. Bulpitt, M4
Jones b. Bulpitt, M0
Bushellc & b. Bulpitt, M8
Bassam b. Fisher, P18
Taylor, S b. Fisher, P0
Daltonct. Wouldham, C b. Mir, A1
Total  211

Boylan, G8.003414.248
Swain, P8.004836.016
Bulpitt, M7.034236.014
Wouldham, C8.013604.5
Osgood, D3.001906.3
Fisher, P4.021824.512
Mir, A0.309118.03

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pb. Appleby26
Mir, Act.b. Bushell0
Frey, Bct.b. May31
Swain, Pct.b. Taylor, S20
Wouldham, Cct.b. Jones44
Bulpitt, Mlbwb. May13
Boylan, Gc & b. May0
Farrell, Gct.b. Taylor, D11
Young, Ab. Jones5
Redman, Anot out3
Osgood, Db. Line0
Total  175

Match Report

We'll post the address as soon as we have it - but it's down in deepest, darkest Kent - lovely place to play.

Penultimate match of the season, assuming the weather perks up.

Start time is 12.30pm; be there at 12.10 please.

Address is West Street, Hunton, Maidstone ME15 0RR.

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