Vs Belhus CC

Sat, 30th September, 2017

Belhus CC Innings

Thompson, Tlbw b. Bulpitt, M8
Cansdale, M b. Frey, B45
Maidment, Gct. Farrell, G b. Osgood, D40
Tomlinson, John b. Hanington, T3
Read, Wct. Fisher, P b. Frey, B5
Dhannie, K b. Osgood, D18
Tomlinson, Joect. Farrell, G b. Webber, R1
Fairweather, J b. Webber, R23
Prendergast, Rct. Young, A b. Webber, R7
Maidment, Bnot out22
Waters, Rnot out1
Total  195

Bulpitt, M8.005016.248
Swain, P8.002403.0
Hanington, T8.002813.548
Mir, A1.00808.0
Frey, B3.001625.39
Webber, R8.014235.216
Osgood, D4.002426.012

Eltham CC Innings

Fisher, Pb. Dhannie, K59
Mir, Albwb. Fairweather, J11
Farrell, Gb. Tomlinson, Joe4
Bulpitt, Mb. Dhannie, K49
Young, Arun out0
Frey, Bct.b. Cansdale, M12
Hanington, Tct.b. Cansdale, M21
Swain, Pst.b. Cansdale, M6
Webber, Cnot out3
Webber, Rnot out7
Osgood, D 
Total  181

Fairweather, J6.001302.2
Maidment, B8.003314.148
Tomlinson, Joe8.013514.448
Prendergast, R3.001705.7
Dhannie, K8.013524.424
Cansdale, M6.003736.212
Tomlinson, John1.00505.0

Match Report

Last match if the season - be there! Lovely ground to play on.

High Road, North Stifford, Grays, Essex

Postcode : RM16 5UG

Please note START time changed to 12.00 noon.

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